HMS started small, with no business plan, budget or procedures. Through our growth, we have preserved a non-corporate, small-company mentality. We trust our employees and give them flexibility and independence, instead of putting too many complicated procedures or rules in place. We believe in people over procedure.

To relieve some chaos and confusion of the early days, we’ve had to implement some process and structure, but not so many that they’d stifle innovation and freedom.

The foundation of our company was created by innovative, motivated, high-performers and we’ve managed to continuously hire like-minded employees that thrive in this environment and share these same core values.

our values



We want every person to be treated with respect and kindness no matter their status or role in the company. Everyone should feel welcomed and part of the team (both the HMS team and their individual department’s team). When you respect someone, you help them grow and feel fulfilled and happy in their position. When we treat each other respectfully, it creates a safe, comfortable and inviting environment where people are excited to come to work, share ideas and help the company achieve its overall goals.



We need innovators to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table, no matter what their level or status is within the company. With innovation, openness and effective communication, a collaborative environment is possible. Through collaboration, we can achieve our goals. To have a collaborative mindset, you also need to be approachable. It's important not to separate yourself either in cliques or silos. Inter-departmental communication regarding ideas, plans, tactics and goals is required to build a strong, streamlined and chaos-free company. Asking questions, sharing ideas, expressing concise thoughts, listening – these are all aspects of being a good communicator. Honest and transparent communication is extremely important in all areas of a business.



Curious people want to learn and grow. They are investigators and explorers; they want to understand how things work and think about how to make things better. Motivated people are proactive and ambitious. They don’t need to be micro-managed; they want to go above and beyond to contribute to the team. When a person is both curious and motivated, they are truly high-performing people. They seek self-improvement and education. When they see problems, they try to solve them, or they share ideas on how to solve them. They don’t wait for someone to ask them to do something. They see the next step or project and handle it. They’re all about action and getting things done even if it’s "not their job." We need these energetic and high-performing people who can take charge for the company to succeed at its highest potential.



We want people who are passionate and truly care about their work and are excited about the people they work with every day. When we have team members who share similar values and goals, they encourage and motivate each other to develop and grow professionally. When employees are passionate about their personal work, they’re also happy to celebrate an accomplishment of any kind within the company because they care about the company’s overall success and are excited to contribute to it.

Like all other aspects of our company, our culture is a work in progress and we continue to improve it as we grow and more great minds are brought in. We are always open to ideas and suggestions to create and maintain a culture that fits with all of us!